Tuesday, September 26, 2006

More Randomness!

The digits "512" occur in pi starting at the 1842 digit. *Grin*

I have started socks using KnitPick's Telemark with the "2 socks at once on dpns" article in Knitty. I am using the colors Drift and Pesto.

Why is www.newvoyager.com designed by Supercalifragelisticexpealidocious! or something like that? Odd name.

It is 26th September.

I am using Foxfire this afternoon for the first time.

I cannot find the audio for "American Pi" (The one that goes "Find, find the value of pi, 3. 14159...)

Typing approximately 31 l's into Mozilla Foxfire's address bar results in a pdf coming up!

I am listening to "Everywhere I Go", or at least I was.

I am horribly random...

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Short Randomness

Kromski has a new wheel: Sonata. They are very musical.

No Kromskis at the Wool Gathering, at least not for sale; in fact, I saw very few spinning wheels for sale at all. It's possible that someone brought a Kromski to spin on, but I'm not sure. I did try out an Ettrick Windwheel at the booth of the something or other of the Greater Miami Valley(?). Why such a wheel? I just wanted to try spinning and that happened to be the wheel I tried on.

I bought an ash lucet from the Rouge Lucette. I finally figured out how to use it that Saturday night.

"From the Archives": (Not really, after all, there are no archives!)

The junior high student had been sick over Christmas break and she had to start her science project that day. She finally found most of the items she needed for her weather instruments. However, the type of shoelace needed for the psychrometer could not be found. Thinking about it, she realized that a tubular shoelace could be simulated with that type of knitting known as I-cord. So she got out her U.S. #4 dpns, and some white Sugar 'n' Cream and saved her project with I cord. Horray!

Wednesday, September 06, 2006


Today is 9/6/06. There are exactly 10 days until...

The Wool Gathering

This event takes place in Yellow Springs, Ohio. 10 days! Yes, I wish to go. This will be my first fiber festival. And...

I hope there might be Kromskis there.

Yes. I saw my first spinning wheel back in June/July(?) when I went to here for the first time.

As to the shawl:

I have gone back to the Yarn Harlot's entries from 2004 and read her stories of the invention of the Snowdrop Shawl. In addition, the Snowdrop Shawl is now almost 41 snowdrops worth of knitting. Unfortunately, the rows are now over a 100 stitches, not necessarily too long, but not short and quick.