Thursday, October 08, 2009

A Great Number of Things...

To get this post off to a humourous start, I offer you a list of random things I have giggled over in the past few days (which have nothing to do with knitting for the most part):
1. Never listen to Mozart on high volume while drinking yogurt (which tastes oddly pina-colada flavored for vanilla yogurt).
2. While integrating equations of hobbit velocity may not be an extremely neat project, it is, nevertheless, quite interesting to talk about.
3. "I have graphed the witch of Agnesi and she in no way resembles a duck!" (The point is not that the graph resembles a duck. The point is a Monty Python joke)
4. "What is your name?" I AM THE LAWRR, and the lawrr is not mocked!"
"What is your quest?" I'm a Quast!
"What is your favorite color?"...and the stars are black and cold... (once more, Monty Python reference, although the replies pertain to Phillip Quast's portrayal of Javert--I think Terrance Mann's singing is superior, but that is the sole factor I can judge, having never seen the musical)

Well, I have an offbeat sense of humour, anyway.

Yes, I know I haven't posted since March. I largely ignored the blog for several months, and then the summer was spent away from the computer due to an illness in the family. And recently, I haven't had time to do much. This is a rough outline of my day:
  • ~breakfast and other morning activities~
  • 1st period: Chemistry
  • 2nd period: Geometry
  • 3rd period: Bible
  • 4th period: PreCal/Trig
  • ~lunch~
  • 5th period: English (Aaaahg.... Do not mention "An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge" to me*)
  • 6th period: History or, on Tuesdays and Fridays, ACT/College Prep
  • 7th period: Creative Writing
  • Cross-country Practice
  • German lessons on the computer
  • Some internet surfing and/or reading
  • ~dinner~
  • Homework, knitting, crochet, and whatever else...

So, I might be a little over-extended.

Okay... knitting. Well, I'll try to utilize parts of a long post from March to update you.
... I have too many projects on the needles, period.
Bags: Black Hole bag in pink #10 crochet cotton, #10 needles, i-cord handle in orange/brown/white twist Sugar'n'Cream on #2 dpns

Is still on the needles. I am also working on a crocheted bag that is supposed to be a Christmas present, but I don't find the pattern very enjoyable.


  • Some sort of double knitting...
  • Crocheted flower dishcloths...
Both are still in progress. Actually, I don't think there has been any progress...


  • Inspired...I cast on another Koolhaas...
  • Fetchings... intended for a Christmas present
The Koolhaas is finished, but, oddly, is not really the right length for my head. Super soft, though. It's in a grainy cell phone pic on my Knit Picks Community profile. Absolutely NO progress has been made on the Fetchings. I did, however, make the Bottoms Up! beret/tam(?) from (?) in some green wool from Hobby Lobby. I have no pictures, but it's in Ravelry as Brioche in "Among the Pines", tagged "Rageneau", among other things, should you want more details.


  • Scarf from VLT....
  • Semi-circle shawl from VLT
  • Melon stole/scarf from VLT
  • A stole from AGoL
No progress made on the scarf. No, I take that back. Maybe a single row might have been knitted. The semi-circle shawl has some progress and is past the half-way by stitch percentage of the body, but a row or more is due for tinking. Luinloth has had little if any progress. The stole has been taken off the needle temporarily so I could knit my sock blank. And, to make matters worse, I started the Aeolian shawl, which has beads in it. I tried using a crochet hook, but with the craft store seed beads I much prefer my needle and thread method as I used in Eulalie last year. Further more, I recently (Okay, I think it was last month) received an order from KnitPicks containing a bunch of lace yarns.

Miscellaneous Crochet:

  • Throw...
  • Svanhilde...
  • ****f of my own design...
The blocks for the throw are actually complete! However, I think doing all the sewing will take at least about 3 hours. Svanhilde has had no progress, although I am thinking of buying another ball and using the remainder to make some earrings for Christmas presents. The mystery project, which still isn't complete and so obviously didn't get done in time for the contest deadline is actually a scarf, which may end up on Ravelry eventually.

Socks, of which there are way too many:

  • On #000s, a sock from MSKS...
  • On #00s, Jade/Eucrite...
  • Also on #00s, a cabled design in the same yarn in Toffee
  • Also on #00s, DK 2-socks-at once. (KP Essential Peacock Multi)
  • On #0s, a cabled sock I'm calling Finglas...
  • Also on #0s, the Coriolis socks...
  • Also on #0s, ...
  • On #1s, "Rilhilmina"...
  • Also on #1s, the apprently unfinishable and frankly misnamed "Mlle. Gillenormand"...
  • Also on #1s, "Paganini"...
  • Intended to be on #1s ..."Honshu"
  • Intended to be on #1.5s, Baby Cable Rib socks
  • On #2s, Spiral Boot Socks
  • On #3s, Arrow
  • On #4s, ...a lacy pattern in some Telemark in Drift,
  • On #5s, an old UFO of gloves....
  • Supposed-to-be-on #5s: EZ's Wearable Art Stockings...
  • On C hook: UFO of Button-Top Socks...

No progress on the first item. Eucrite is finished, but due to the aforementioned illness, software incompatibility and my ineptness at website setup, there is no pattern. I have cast on a lacy yellow sock on the same needles (which needs to be put in Ravelry). The cabled sock has had a little progress, and I think I may have knitted a row in the heel of the DKed socks. I am nearing the toe on the first Finglas, have finished the Coriolis socks to start Ringwood Socks, and haven't made much progress on that other size 0 sock. I've also knitted up some on my sock blank, but it's slow going because I discovered I don't over care for the magic look 2@once method, although that is a fitting way to knit the blank and it might be more interesting if I inserted a pattern. Rilhilmina, as noted in the last post, has been since replaced by my Kaffe Fasette Ridged Feather sock (no disrespect meant if I misspelled his name), Mlle. Gillenormand is still not making progress, and I think I will rename the pattern "Madame Pimpernel". Paganini has been delivered to the LYS and I have knitted part way up the heel flap of the Cables and Corrugations design from NPfSK, B1.... more updates in the sock department coming in a later post!

I am wanting to basically go through Knitting New Mittens and Gloves and knit every single thing in there--perhaps the next two projects would be in Knit Picks yarn, to be ordered:

  • the-cover-fingerless-mitts-whose-name-I-can't-remember-and-for-once-I'm-not-on-Ravelry Filigree in the new organic cotton worsted weight probably in Malted Milk. And maybe the shorter length in Ginger?
Both are finished!

I will have to annotate the rest of the post in a later post.

Auf Wiedersehen!

*Why, you ask? Suffice to say that I had to write an adaption of it in script form and it pretty much went over as well as Gringoire's play in The Hunchback of Notre-Dame. Which led me to thinking about Gringoire's wanderings leading into Javert's despair, which, surprise, led me to Windle Poons' inability to die (in Reaper Man)

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Spring's Springing and Startitis Struck!

Since my last post, I finished one project (Rilhilmina; sorry, no pictures). And started... hmm, 1 2 3 4 5 6 projects.

The new projects?
  1. "Bulletin Board Border" (ooh... Boarder is an interesting variation there), based off the machine made socks that I still wear a lot... The name comes from the basis for the color combination, which is my first (and last so far) variagated Kool-Aid dyed yarn.
  2. The Mardi Gras Vest--my first Doris Chan design, my first crochet garment... and it might not fit!
  3. Zurich--the Renaissance socks in WotA Jalapeno (yes, I know, there should be that little tilde(~) like thing over the n, but I don't know how to put it there and am too lazy to bring up Character Map)
  4. Riotous Colors--I'm using Regia in a Kaffe Fasette colorway, and my mom made herself a pair last year in Opal Sockenzircus. This seems to be the German Sock Yarn pattern. My Opal (in the caterpillar colorway) is destined for Lucy Neatby's holey socks in Knitter's Summer '08
  5. Honshu--in one of those first Felici colorways. Remember Hummingbird? Coastal? Firefighter? Atmosphere? Arugula? This is in Coastal, but I intend for it to be a surprise pattern.
  6. (restarted) Baby Cable Rib socks in KP Dancing in Hula. I'm trying out my 1.5s--the 2's are too loose (although I didn't find them so a few years ago when I knitted my third pair of socks in Dancing) and I don't want to use 1's with Dancing. No particular reason. There was some debate over how many stitches to cast on; I went with 64.

As if I needed any more projects.

"What fools these mortals be!"

Random thought: I've started a Les Mis/Victor Hugo/Hunchback group on Ravelry, feel welcome to join us at the Café Musain!


Thursday, March 19, 2009

I'm [not] British. I know how to [fill my] queue! (und meine stricknadeln!)

[Mis]Quoting none other than Arthur Dent of the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy film. (One of the few films, even of the few I've watched before I've read the book, that I liked better than the book). And cobbling together a German phrase-probably horribly...

So... I have too many projects on the needles, period. I did finish a Monteagle and the Shetland Shopper bag I'd had on the needles for months since I last saw (since a Mason-Dixon project is mentioned in this sentence--) y'all. I have no pictures of those, although they do mean I have only one bag project on the needles.



  • Black Hole bag in pink #10 crochet cotton, #10 needles, i-cord handle in orange/brown/white twist Sugar'n'Cream on #2 dpns


  • Some sort of double knitting/knitting two stitches together twice over? technique I got from Montse Stanley's knitting guide back last summer in red, white, and blue striped Sugar'n'Cream on #7s. (Digression: I'm intending to take German instead of Spanish if I can find a course, and for some reason, after checking the gender of knitting needles, I'm having to resist translating random words and phrases into German. "zwei Maschen rechts zusammen stricken zweimal..."? last "sommer"?)
  • Crocheted flower dishcloths; they're really sort of a swirling hexagon. I made one and two more centers, then didn't finish the second one and left the third one with only a center bit.


  • Inspired by one of Kelley Petkun's podcasts, probably from late 2008, I cast on another Koolhaas (for myself, since I don't have any handknit hats) in pale yellow JoAnns Sensations Tesoro, on the same #5 16" circ I used for my dad's Koolhaas at Christmas time.
  • Not a hat at all, but in the same yarn, Fetchings that I originally intended for a Christmas present for my English teacher, but they're not done, and she's retiring this year. But I still might give them to her as a end-of-year present to use later...


  • Scarf from VLT in crochet cotton leftover from Tala on #4s. Not progressing very fast because I can't seem to memorize the lace or at least get away from the chart a bit.
  • Semi-circle shawl from VLT in Knit Picks Gloss Bluebird (Knit Picks just got in some new yarns! Yay! New lace yarns which are tempting me... and more cottons!) on #6 circs: put on hold because I was trying (and still haven't finished) a pair of truly diabolical, I tell you, slippers where I made unwise yarn/needle combination choices and didn't have a #6 16" circular needle.
  • Melon stole/scarf from VLT in Knit Picks Bare Merino Lace died dyed with Orange KoolAid into a mottled pale orange color: rather boring to tell you the truth.
  • A stole from AGoL in Yarn Place Graceful I bought at the last Wool Gathering. I'll tell you more about this in a future post, for now suffice to mention that it does need some time to get into any sort of pattern on it because it's cobweb weight yarn.

Miscellaneous Crochet:

  • Throw from a February/March or January/February issue of Crochet Today from several years ago, a UFO on an I hook.
  • Svanhilde, the last of the Doilies with a Twist series; I'm not sure if I have enough of the cream crochet cotton, but I don't care to buy another ball for just the last few rounds.
  • ****f of my own design--Shh! secret project for a yarn shop contest!

Socks, of which there are way too many:

  • On #000s, a sock from MSKS in some sort of knit-purl block pattern in laceweight merely for the challenge... (KP Shadow in Redwood Forest (discontinued) left over from my Swallowtail)
  • On #00s, Jade/Eucrite. Lion Brand SockEase in Rock Candy. My own design. Hopefully the pattern is coming soon.
  • Also on #00s, a cabled design in the same yarn in Toffee
  • Also on #00s, DK 2-socks-at once. (KP Essential Peacock Multi)
  • On #0s, a cabled sock I'm calling Finglas after a LOTR Ent; pattern from SKS. (KP Essential Pine)
  • Also on #0s, the Coriolis socks (More Coriolis diaries? I may need some more Terry Pratchett via Stephen Briggs to get me motivated on the plain knitting for the toe; the first toe was mostly reknit while I was miserably sick to the audiobook of Making Money) (KP Essential Riverbed Multi)
  • Also on #0s, umm... The Estonian socks were finished, and I'm saving the next project (which is in the same yarn as the Estonian socks--I have a little stash of that Cascade Heritage) for a future post, like the above lace project.
  • On #1s, "Rilhilmina", my bizarre name for a Chevron sock, as seen in SKS (Reynolds Swizzle in a similar green to the Essential Pine, with CMY colored stripes, but that it's more of a bright blue than a pale cyan)
  • Also on #1s, the apprently unfinishable and frankly misnamed "Mlle. Gillenormand", my own design. Although I named it after a Les Mis character, the design looks more British than French... (KP Gloss Black)
  • Also on #1s, "Paganini" in Mountain Colors Bearfoot Firestorm; a shop sample from my LYS (which happens to fit my foot...)
  • Intended to be on #1s, a design of my own devising, possibly titled "Honshu" in an old colorway of KP Felici
  • Intended to be on #1.5s, Baby Cable Rib socks from SKS in KP Dancing Hula (the yarn is discontinued, but Patons Stretch Socks is similar)
  • On #2s, Spiral Boot Socks in deep purple Reynolds Soft Sea Wool. I don't much like moving the stitches, so this is going slowly, though I am finally in the ankle pattern portion.
  • On #3s, Arrow from the 8 stitch section of SKS in KP Parade, my last socks in this unfortunately discontinued yarn.
  • On #4s, I-should-have-cast-on-the-second-sock a lacy pattern in some Telemark in Drift, ordered when it first came out, that I tried to use for the 2 in 1 DK sock pattern but frogged.
  • On #5s, actually, an old UFO of gloves that I started working on again for Christmas but haven't worked on much since.
  • Supposed-to-be-on #5s: EZ's Wearable Art Stockings in Patons Classic Merino, but they aren't exactly working out so well.
  • On C hook: UFO of Button-Top Socks in the old version of Bernat Sox. The first was finished in, I think, 2006, while listening to Lyddie on audiobook... Wow. That's old.

A grand total of: 29 projects (although this includes the "intended" projects). Yet, startitis comes with spring, and I have more projects I want to make, or dream of starting...

Whilst I was sick, I did make a couple of projects--crocheted Bluebird lace socks from Just Socks which I call the "Soul Cake Duck Tuesday Socks" (a Discworld holiday similar to a certain spring holiday of our own) and the knitted (obviously) "Cathedral" mitts from Gothic in Knitting New Mittens and Gloves (What is the next Knitting New... book, I wonder? I've loved both books in the series so far, although they are slightly different styles). Gothic took me about 4 hours of work, and the SCDT socks were crocheted in 2 afternoons/nights. Yarns: (guess which one when to which project, I dare you) Bernat Sox in Hippie Hot, KP WotA in Winter Night (which I ordered to evaluate it's navy-blue-ness (and, yes, I am totally addicted to parentheses; it's a running joke for which I blame my good internet friend Schmergo's version of a certain snakey antagonist)))

What projects do I dream of starting (and thus fufilling the title of this post)?

Well, in the sock department, I probably have at least 200 sock patterns (though this is probably only about half of the total I want to make) queued in my 30 page queue of 600, 700+ items on Ravelry, and I do have, as mentioned in my before-posting penultimate post/after this post antepenultimate post over 50 balls of sock yarn with associated patterns picked out. So, no new sock queueing for me. Must not do that...

I am wanting to basically go through Knitting New Mittens and Gloves and knit every single thing in there--perhaps the next two projects would be in Knit Picks yarn, to be ordered:

  • Sheltie in KP Suri Dream and WotA. Suri Dream in maybe Cascades or Aquatic or Wildflowers; WotA in oh, maybe Cobblestone heather.
  • the-cover-fingerless-mitts-whose-name-I-can't-remember-and-for-once-I'm-not-on-Ravelry Filigree in the new organic cotton worsted weight probably in Malted Milk. And maybe the shorter length in Ginger?

I also got the book of Swedish Mittens out from the library, and am thinking about ordering Selbuvottar, so that would be more mittens. There are also plenty of free mitten and glove patterns on Ravelry that I have in my queue.

For some reason, I've wanted to make all those brioche berets from the brioche site, but I'll have to get yarn. I'm going to use the Bernat Felting wool I tried unsucessfully to use for the basic beret to make a pair of (or a variation thereof) EZ's Mitred Mittens. One of the brioche berets will probably be my next hat, and at some time a tam, and Fern Glade, and possibly some more hat-hats (like Koolhaas) such as topographie.

I, the inveterate sock knitter, am actually thinking about sweaters and vests.

Firstly, the vest came about because after seeing the Silky Wool at KnitWits yarn shop, I absolutely must make something in it. So, perhaps Honeycomb with the pattern from the Austrian socks on the front? I want Veridian, although I also love the other colors. Tweedy, heathery, I love that sort of thing.

There is also a possibly appealing vest in the current Spring Knitty, and I think I'll try a fair isle type vest before a Fair Isle sweater, though that may come after a rectangular project and a tam... Doris Chan's crocheted vests (and sweaters, which I'll mention in the next section) are lovely, and if I can find a good yarn for it, I might make Flower Power from her lace book.

Sweaters? Several things brewing in my head:

  • I've wanted to make Tangled Yoke for ages, and now that my school mascot is an eagle, I'm thinking of knitting an eagle, the school verse, and some Elvish into the sweater, probably in Knit Picks Palette, but it'll probably wait till the summer.
  • I first got hold of Mason-Dixon Knitting: Outside the Lines while knitting Ice Queen in CPY Kid Mohair (Merino? Ach! I can't remember any of these names! After referencing Ravelry, I realized that the mohair content was misleading me)Merino. So, I'm wanting to do the Cardi Cozy in a deep foresty green, with either Kid Merino, or possibly Elann's Kid Silk Haze sub.
  • While inventoring at KnitWits yarn shop, I found that they had 5 skeins of a denimy color of Brown Sheep Lamb's Pride Worsted, and I thought about a slightly U-necked, saddle shoulder sweater (will that work) with the Seaweed pattern I used for one dishcloth... It's a thought.
  • The idea of a gansey has also been brewing in my head--Jess's Gansey, and I've gone so far as to research the Frangipani gansey wool. (Hint: If you are in the US, it very well could be cheaper but slower to order from the UK rather than the US source. It seems it--£18 for the cone of wool + £7 international air mail shipping = £25, which, according to Google, equals about $36.50 on 19 March, 2009, rather than the $65.00 Kirtland's Yarn Barn in Virginia is asking for a cone) Possibly in green... (I like green, and I seem to want green sweaters.)
  • Plenty of crocheted pullovers and cardigans from Everyday Crochet. I made up a long list a couple months ago of KP yarns to use with some of them.

And then there's scarves, which might help me to use up some cheap yarn I bought to make Christmas presents that never got made, and a bunch I just want to make period. Although this one cotton boucle from Araucania I saw at Knit Wits looks like it would be good for Meandering Stripes (in one color, though), I think Yarn Place yarn would be better than KP yarn for many of the Knitting New Scarves scarves, plus, I intend to order another cobweb weight yarn for another project, which brings me to the final category, lace...

I've seen five, yes five!, shawls since the beginning of the year:

  • Dragonfly from IC Winter 2009, to be made in one of Yarn Place's cobweb weight yarns with the D hook.
  • Fountain Pen Shawl from IK Spring 2009, similar to two shawls that I've made and enjoyed immensely, with its top down from the back of the neck construction. There are lots of new KP lace yarns...
  • The Sweet Lily Shawl, also from IK Spring 2009. I'm just sayin', some of those new colors are tempting me...
  • Shipwreck Shawl, from the Spring Knitty. I didn't notice it at first glance, although I liked the thumbnail (why are they called that anyway?)--for some reason I thought the cover picture was the Aeolian shawl (?!). This is made in a thicker yarn, such as Gloss Bare, and requires stringing a lot of beads... hmm
  • Aeolian Shawl, from Spring Knitty, by the same designer as Laminaria! Beaded Estonian lace, but in desert-y motifs this time. I'll probably choose a deserty color therefore!

Knitting in another language:

I'm fascinated by the German language, and while trying to figure out how wumbs on Ravelry did a sock heel over the language barrier, I happened upon an old German-knitting-word-of-the-day-month feature, "Stricken Sie Deutsch?" on Claudia's blog, starting here. It might just be helpful if I happen to some how (it's quite unlikely) get Stephanie van der Linden's book in its original German format. Plus, maybe I can understand German knitting patterns now.

That reminds me that there are several sock knitting books coming out that I want (and I thought that the publishing market had probably had its fill of sock knitting!)--Cookie A's Sock Innovations, Wendy Johnson's Knitting Socks from the Toe Up, Stephanie van der Linden's Socken aus unser Welt (spelling/word choice is dubious, I'm typing that title from memory), and a book involving Japanese stitch patterns (which seem to be quite interesting and I seem to be developing an interest in ethnic knitting) in socks that I heard about on Knitter's Review while searching for that sock heel.

Other crafts:

Various events seem to have conspired to start me on a (hopefully fruitful) quilting/patchwork kick. Firstly, I have no interest in knitting a Mason-Dixon log cabin blanket, but hearing about Kelley Petkun's caused, I think, the idea of log cabin blocks to start brewing in my head. Then, she's piecing a block in public on her blog. Then I'm assigned a math project relating the Seminole Indians and their patchwork, quilting, and geometry, and then I decided to piece the center of Grandmother's Flower Garden block for that project. I think I'm going to try to piece a quilt top this summer, and maybe knit a sweater(am I crazy?)(!).

The mention of BSC Lamb's Pride reminds me that I have ambitions of making nalbound slippers in Lamb's Pride Bulky in one of the slightly mottled colorways. But I think I need a bit more practice first.

I've also seen two sock patterns for hand-spun sock yarn over the past few months (one was Blackrose in winter's Knitty, and the other was in Spindlicity) and that makes me want to spin. Spinning the lambswool I bought at... hmm my first Wool Gathering(? I think) on my Schacht Hi-Lo (thank you, Google!) was pleasant or at least rather fun, but the other wool I bought isn't nice to spindle spin--the grey is sticky and thus hard to draft, and the heathered forest green(which I'd call tartan colorway), I think a Corriedale, is a longer fiber length which I also find difficult to deal with. It probably needs a different drafting technique which I'm not ready to adopt on a spindle. I really think I'd spin better on a wheel, but it's kind of out of the question right now.

Then there's weaving, which I got into through my interest in spinning a few years ago. Unfortunately, I want a floor loom with lots of shafts, which is even more expensive and even more unlikely.

I've also run into temari in several places, which for some odd reason is associated with pysanky in my head, and this has given me a slight urge to go and make thread balls and color eggs.

And my mom and I also talked a little about sewing up some of our cloth stash over the summer, so that may be in the works.

St. Patrick's Day (and I forgot to wear green...) reminds me of tatting since I tatted a clover several years ago, which got me thinking about a tatted headband (would that even work? Perhaps a choker type necklace instead?) and then onto drawing pseudo-Celtic knots. I haven't tatted very much at all, and not very recently.

Then, that reminds me of macreme, which I also have dabbled in. (although the only thing I've made is a small bag in Sugar'n'Cream)

There is too much inspiration!

And I have written an excessively long post, which hopefully included most of what I wanted to include in it!

Auf Wiedersehen!
("goodbye" in German)

Postscript: And now my labels/tags have reminded me that I thought about cross-stitch and getting a "Swedish weaving" huck towel kit while in Hobby Lobby the other day (and they seem to be getting in some more new sock yarn--I read the shelf tags), which further reminds me of that humongous latch hook lighthouse and the locker hooked log cabin rug I have in progress.

Post-postscript(PPS): I remembered that I intended to mention that besides green, I seem attracted to browns these days. I got a lot of yarn the other day at Knit Wits, including a darks/brown colorway of JaWoll, Berocco Sock in a brown-y colorway, a southwest colorway of Jojoland Melody (Note to self: the lace/cobwebweight is Harmony, the worsted, Rhythm), and before that, the first Heart and Sole I bought from JoAnns was in Toasted Almonds, which is very brown, and I bought a camo colorway of Bernat Sox for the Whitby Lace Socks from Just Socks (disregarding the fact that that's a Lion Brand book and this isn't LB yarn).

PPPS: And loom knitting! I seem to want to branch out into different sock techniques--wanting to try magic loop (needle: check), 2 circs, 9" Hiya-hiya circs, loom knit socks (for which I want a Decor Accents loom), and crochet socks. Since they are my favorite thing to make...

PPPPS: This is the second spring I've had maniac too-much-inspiration/too-many-things to do syndrome. I have a different Bernard Clayton (Have I got his name right?) book out of the library-this one on soups, and I'm thinking of cooking... and gardening too!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Nearly Perfect Moments

I am writing this at the library, at which I am on pretext of doing research for several school projects (I was assigned quite a few at once). This library is a very lovely one, and has a reading garden, where I was doing my algebra homework.

*Be forewarned that this post contains little knitting content*

My favorite month is March, though I was born in the other M month, May. March is named for the Latin god of war, Mars, apparently because it was the time to resume war after winter. But today felt like March. I couldn't take a picture, but it wouldn't be adequate anyway. Neither words nor pictures can exactly describe it. There is a very certain charm that I love to a day when the wind is blowing, it's cool, and the sun is out. It's my favorite sort of day. And sitting and snacking on pistachios and trail mix and doing my algebra was pleasant in the atmosphere. Nearly perfect. But all lovely things come to an end, and I came in halfway through my history because it had gotten colder and clouds were blowing in. (Also, I wanted a pretext to write this blog entry).

The funny thing is, I didn't want to go to school or leave the house this morning. I've had some problems going to school very much since the beginning of the year, because I've been sick, or exhausted, or there's been snow. I was very tired this morning, but when I came into school, I determined that if Eponine could make it through her conditions, I could make it through the day. And if I hadn't, I would have missed this. If you are worn out and hesitant to go out today, whatever day you're reading this, I hope you'll be encouraged and have a good time anyway.

As for knitting... I probably have way too many projects started, though nowhere near 52 projects :). I knitted on Eucrite/Jade today during biology class, since we were just reading, and my extremely nice* biology teacher didn't seem to mind. It is a mindless rib. I got about halfway through the heel turn on my DKed socks while I was at Knit-Wit's yarn shop last Saturday, and I've enjoyed my time there the past two Saturdays immensely. The only problem is, I see more and more stuff I want every time I go in there. Mini Mochi! Some sort of cotton boucle that I could use for one of those scarfs from Knitting New Scarves! Araucania Itata! Jojoland Melody! Lang JaWoll! with like colored reinforcement thread! Size 0000 4" dpns! ChiaGoo bamboo straights feel really nice. Elsebeth Lavold Silky Wool!... Oh. I'd better stop, as I don't want to make you dwell on yarn you don't have the rest of the day, like I might. In any case, I won't be there next Saturday because I have to be at a play practice for a school production of Annie.

I would love to put on Les Misérables (there's a school version), but it wouldn't work out. We don't have enough boys that would take on all the serious parts. I'd want Eponine, because I don't feel that I fit Fantine or Cosette.

*He's very, very kind. Really. Like he bought 20+ people lunch and a late breakfast on a field trip with only a $3.00 contribution from each. I thanked him, and I hope everyone else did.

PS. I've one of the Coriolis socks done, as, once I got to the beginning of the band, I just kept working on it, but I wasn't blogging. I may do more Coriolis diaries though.
PPS: I'm a bit annoyed at Blogger because this originally posted on the wrong blog, partially due to user error, but partially because Blogger wouldn't unhide one of my blogs at one point. (!)

Friday, February 20, 2009

Over a Year's Worth Of Socks

Upon counting up all the sock yarn I have the other day, I discovered that I have enough yarn for more than fifty two pairs of socks; if I were to knit a pair a week, it would take a little over a year. Wow!