Thursday, February 21, 2008

Um, no, there haven't been many posts lately...

Really, there haven't. I have started work on Tala again, and I've started yet another pair of socks.

But I did discover that LOTR2: TTT movie is really great for knitting Mocassin Socks. Over the entire three hours, give or take perhaps thirty minutes for pausing for heel turning, I knitted 90% of the second sock!

Socks on the needles (in no particular order Scratch that. In order of needle size):

  • Crossover Rib (SKS), size 2s
  • Austrian Socks (Interweave's FS), size 1s
  • Eunny Jang's Entrelac Socks (Interweave Knits Spring '07), size 1s
  • The Socks that Shall NOT BE NAMED (SKS adaption), size 0s
  • Mock Wave Cable (?) (Interweave's FS), size 0s
  • Peacock DK socks (Knitty article, Fall '06 (?)), size 00s
  • Wearable Art Socks. (Homespun, Handknit) size 5s

The WAS is my first attempt at Fair Isle style knitting, and it isn't working out too well. The blue of the design is recedeing (ARGH!) and the FI part has very little elasticity.

PS: If you haven't, you should check out Fleegle's blog today.

Tuesday, February 05, 2008


I guess I haven't been posting much of late. I have been busy with Ravelry, on the whole not knitting a whole lot. Also, I detest (no insult to psychologists) psychology and fractions that include polynomials, both of which I unfortunatly have to study. Would much rather work with derivatives?...

Besides that, the camera is embleer full of pictures, and the batteries may be low. I also have tons of socks on the needles, designs in my head, my own derivition of Tolkien's Elvish*, and a Ravelry queue chock-ful of stuff!

* Ah, ahem, yes. I have been reading too much LOTR. And I did finally get to watch the Fellowship of the Ring movie, and perhaps got about eight rounds of knitting done on a cabled 72 stitch sock (more on that later) during 2hrs.58min.59sec. (I think).

Random thought:
Why do I have a post tagged spinnning?