Thursday, October 08, 2009

A Great Number of Things...

To get this post off to a humourous start, I offer you a list of random things I have giggled over in the past few days (which have nothing to do with knitting for the most part):
1. Never listen to Mozart on high volume while drinking yogurt (which tastes oddly pina-colada flavored for vanilla yogurt).
2. While integrating equations of hobbit velocity may not be an extremely neat project, it is, nevertheless, quite interesting to talk about.
3. "I have graphed the witch of Agnesi and she in no way resembles a duck!" (The point is not that the graph resembles a duck. The point is a Monty Python joke)
4. "What is your name?" I AM THE LAWRR, and the lawrr is not mocked!"
"What is your quest?" I'm a Quast!
"What is your favorite color?"...and the stars are black and cold... (once more, Monty Python reference, although the replies pertain to Phillip Quast's portrayal of Javert--I think Terrance Mann's singing is superior, but that is the sole factor I can judge, having never seen the musical)

Well, I have an offbeat sense of humour, anyway.

Yes, I know I haven't posted since March. I largely ignored the blog for several months, and then the summer was spent away from the computer due to an illness in the family. And recently, I haven't had time to do much. This is a rough outline of my day:
  • ~breakfast and other morning activities~
  • 1st period: Chemistry
  • 2nd period: Geometry
  • 3rd period: Bible
  • 4th period: PreCal/Trig
  • ~lunch~
  • 5th period: English (Aaaahg.... Do not mention "An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge" to me*)
  • 6th period: History or, on Tuesdays and Fridays, ACT/College Prep
  • 7th period: Creative Writing
  • Cross-country Practice
  • German lessons on the computer
  • Some internet surfing and/or reading
  • ~dinner~
  • Homework, knitting, crochet, and whatever else...

So, I might be a little over-extended.

Okay... knitting. Well, I'll try to utilize parts of a long post from March to update you.
... I have too many projects on the needles, period.
Bags: Black Hole bag in pink #10 crochet cotton, #10 needles, i-cord handle in orange/brown/white twist Sugar'n'Cream on #2 dpns

Is still on the needles. I am also working on a crocheted bag that is supposed to be a Christmas present, but I don't find the pattern very enjoyable.


  • Some sort of double knitting...
  • Crocheted flower dishcloths...
Both are still in progress. Actually, I don't think there has been any progress...


  • Inspired...I cast on another Koolhaas...
  • Fetchings... intended for a Christmas present
The Koolhaas is finished, but, oddly, is not really the right length for my head. Super soft, though. It's in a grainy cell phone pic on my Knit Picks Community profile. Absolutely NO progress has been made on the Fetchings. I did, however, make the Bottoms Up! beret/tam(?) from (?) in some green wool from Hobby Lobby. I have no pictures, but it's in Ravelry as Brioche in "Among the Pines", tagged "Rageneau", among other things, should you want more details.


  • Scarf from VLT....
  • Semi-circle shawl from VLT
  • Melon stole/scarf from VLT
  • A stole from AGoL
No progress made on the scarf. No, I take that back. Maybe a single row might have been knitted. The semi-circle shawl has some progress and is past the half-way by stitch percentage of the body, but a row or more is due for tinking. Luinloth has had little if any progress. The stole has been taken off the needle temporarily so I could knit my sock blank. And, to make matters worse, I started the Aeolian shawl, which has beads in it. I tried using a crochet hook, but with the craft store seed beads I much prefer my needle and thread method as I used in Eulalie last year. Further more, I recently (Okay, I think it was last month) received an order from KnitPicks containing a bunch of lace yarns.

Miscellaneous Crochet:

  • Throw...
  • Svanhilde...
  • ****f of my own design...
The blocks for the throw are actually complete! However, I think doing all the sewing will take at least about 3 hours. Svanhilde has had no progress, although I am thinking of buying another ball and using the remainder to make some earrings for Christmas presents. The mystery project, which still isn't complete and so obviously didn't get done in time for the contest deadline is actually a scarf, which may end up on Ravelry eventually.

Socks, of which there are way too many:

  • On #000s, a sock from MSKS...
  • On #00s, Jade/Eucrite...
  • Also on #00s, a cabled design in the same yarn in Toffee
  • Also on #00s, DK 2-socks-at once. (KP Essential Peacock Multi)
  • On #0s, a cabled sock I'm calling Finglas...
  • Also on #0s, the Coriolis socks...
  • Also on #0s, ...
  • On #1s, "Rilhilmina"...
  • Also on #1s, the apprently unfinishable and frankly misnamed "Mlle. Gillenormand"...
  • Also on #1s, "Paganini"...
  • Intended to be on #1s ..."Honshu"
  • Intended to be on #1.5s, Baby Cable Rib socks
  • On #2s, Spiral Boot Socks
  • On #3s, Arrow
  • On #4s, ...a lacy pattern in some Telemark in Drift,
  • On #5s, an old UFO of gloves....
  • Supposed-to-be-on #5s: EZ's Wearable Art Stockings...
  • On C hook: UFO of Button-Top Socks...

No progress on the first item. Eucrite is finished, but due to the aforementioned illness, software incompatibility and my ineptness at website setup, there is no pattern. I have cast on a lacy yellow sock on the same needles (which needs to be put in Ravelry). The cabled sock has had a little progress, and I think I may have knitted a row in the heel of the DKed socks. I am nearing the toe on the first Finglas, have finished the Coriolis socks to start Ringwood Socks, and haven't made much progress on that other size 0 sock. I've also knitted up some on my sock blank, but it's slow going because I discovered I don't over care for the magic look 2@once method, although that is a fitting way to knit the blank and it might be more interesting if I inserted a pattern. Rilhilmina, as noted in the last post, has been since replaced by my Kaffe Fasette Ridged Feather sock (no disrespect meant if I misspelled his name), Mlle. Gillenormand is still not making progress, and I think I will rename the pattern "Madame Pimpernel". Paganini has been delivered to the LYS and I have knitted part way up the heel flap of the Cables and Corrugations design from NPfSK, B1.... more updates in the sock department coming in a later post!

I am wanting to basically go through Knitting New Mittens and Gloves and knit every single thing in there--perhaps the next two projects would be in Knit Picks yarn, to be ordered:

  • the-cover-fingerless-mitts-whose-name-I-can't-remember-and-for-once-I'm-not-on-Ravelry Filigree in the new organic cotton worsted weight probably in Malted Milk. And maybe the shorter length in Ginger?
Both are finished!

I will have to annotate the rest of the post in a later post.

Auf Wiedersehen!

*Why, you ask? Suffice to say that I had to write an adaption of it in script form and it pretty much went over as well as Gringoire's play in The Hunchback of Notre-Dame. Which led me to thinking about Gringoire's wanderings leading into Javert's despair, which, surprise, led me to Windle Poons' inability to die (in Reaper Man)