Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Now I go a Raveling, a Raveling

There has been very little progress as of late on anything, but I am now on Ravelry! (I'm Arachnera, of course!)

Here are a few of the things in the design works here at Arachnera's Web:

Unknowns(i.e. I have the ideas and may have started some calculations, but they're on the back burner):
  1. A fair isle style sweater (Theme: a country autumn)
  2. A yoke sweater that I persist in calling the "Chestnuts" sweater after the Christmas song
  3. A unique cabled pullover w/ empire waist
  4. A fiber arts shawl
  5. A shawl themed after the children's classic The Secret Garden

Of those, 1, 2, & 3 are the top priorities, and 5 has been put on the back burner temporarily due to the loss of the acquainted sketch. Still, they are big projects and I do not have a reputation for finishing large projects quickly.

Socks(which should come along sooner:

  1. "Antonym" (hibernating)
  2. A variation on SKS cables (in progress)
  3. Crest o' the Wave variation on SKS chevron aka Volare (finished/notes yet to be written/scrapped full pattern due to copyright, etc.)
  4. G. socks w. cable based on the classic string figure "Jacob's Ladder"
  5. S. socks w. intwining cables
  6. H. socks w. basic texture patterns.
  7. R. socks w. lace patterns
  8. "Pomegranate" socks
  9. socks which violate a cardinal rule of Knitty (tee-hee!)
  10. socks with corn (the existance of which is questionable)
  11. present socks (for Christmas)
  12. knee socks (to be further abreviated ks) in traditional patterns: Aran
  13. ks Fair Isle
  14. ks Norweigian
  15. ks lace
  16. ks Gansey
  17. twisted stitch socks (Die Blau Donau)
  18. twisted stitch socks (In der Halle des Berkonig)

I've left quite a few question marks, I'm sure. Guess what 4, 5, 6, & 7 were designed as a set inspired by?

ETA: the lists above are supposed to be numbered lists! Hello, Blogger?

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Dies ist Wetter für Enten.

I beg of you, look at this forecast for my region! This is nothing but weather for ducks. Unfortunately, the Austrian socks have not been given much time, so there is little progress. On the flip side, I apparently made a good deal of progress in the two weeks between my first two piano lessons (No, they are not supposed to occur every other week, but there were certain circumstances that lead to this this past week)

If anyone chances to be reading my blog regularly, they may have noticed that I was promising a pattern for Crest of the Wave socks. Unfortunately, Charlene Schurch beat me too it. So really all I did was combine a technique I learned from EZ (oddly enough, I really don't believe that technique was the one that she was trying to teach), the "Chevron Patterns for Self-Striping Yarn" skeleton, a pattern that both I and Ms. Schurch (in all likelihood, now don't quote me on Ms. Schurch) pulled out of stitch treasuries, and my variation on the toe. So, I will not be giving complete directions, just a quick and dirty chart to show you my modification, a few numbers, and my notes on the heel and toe.

I do have some other sock design ideas, though.... Including ones inspired by the musical compositions featured in my titles (Die Blaue Donau the Blue Danube, which seems to be working out, and In der Halle des Bergkönig In the Hall of the Mountain King, which looks like it will require some tinkering, both of which are twisted stitch designs)

As for Runagogo, I haven't updated my progress meter lately, but I haven't been walking that much, either, and I'm not sure how I might accomplish that in this rainy weather. We'll just see...

Friday, October 19, 2007

Bayerische Stricken in der Halle des Bergkönigs

And still on go the Austrian socks. And Arachnera learns to play "In the Hall of the Mountain King" from Edvard Grieg's "Peer Gynt" Suite No. 1 (listen here)

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Doppleviereck mit Dradhi mit Ketterl auf die blaue Donau

[Insert picture of Austrian Socks WIP here]
(ETA: Here's the picture:

Sorry! Forgot to take the picture.
Coming Soon: Picture and pattern for Crest of the Wave pattern socks.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Very Quickly

You probably won't guess what Arachnera has been doing?
Ah, well, I've been starting piano lessons. And sometimes looking at complex pieces is discouraging. Uff!
P.S. I did recieve the KnitPicks October catalogue. Just as I thought this was cute, I now think this is cute!

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Just a quick post

I probably have eight more rows on the leg of my Crest of the Wave socks. I've been thinking about the Tangled Yoke cardigan today. (Thank you, Yarn Harlot, for mentioning your reward yarn! It made me think of the Tangled Yoke cardigan) After seeing Scholastica's Tangled Yoke progress at the Tangled Yoke KAL and at Footsteps on Wool I thought perhaps of using KnitPicks Palette on that particular project. By the way, I think KnitPicks is trying to convince me that I should purchase Andean Treasure, because every time I add items to my cart (which is not actually finalized yet...), it displays the Andean Treasure page!
I'm trying for Runagogo this session, but I didn't get to walk yesterday because I was at the library, and I'm not so sure whether I'll get to walk today... We'll just have to see...