Wednesday, March 07, 2012

In which there is no knitting content


It's been a LONG time. A long time, I say.

I am probably going to gut the blog layout very shortly and see what happens. I don't know if I'll start posting again consistently, really, though.

I can't believe it's March already--February and January have flown by.

2011, well, 2011 was, to quote "Darlin', Christmas is Comin'" it's been a long year/Every new day brings one more tear/till there's nothing left to cry/My, my, how time flies/like little children hiding their eyes/to make it disappear...
I'm back in Nerd Wars, on Team UU. I was in Nerd Wars for part of 2011, and then I, well, gave up for a bit and abandoned Ravelry. 2011 and even the beginning of 2012 have been pretty emotionally crazy times. Plans have been made hastily, laid aside, and even gone all awry. I even went to Michigan several times since I blogged last.


Sometimes it's just really hard to climb back up.

I have been running with C25K, which has helped a little, and I think the lace I've been doing (bobbin and tatted) has helped some too.

I may have spoken too soon with the title, although it's actually crocheted, as I just published a page with a baby hat pattern. Since I make baby hats for donation usually, it isn't very well sized and I don't yet have a good photo.

I have gotten into my Spring Try ALL THE THINGS! mode again, perhaps with slightly less disastrous results, and some actually forays into different crafts. My bobbin lace grounds sampler has gone acceptably I think. Brussels ground and square hole ground, which were worked in the opposite order, were the most difficult to tension properly, and I'm still not quite sure I understand Maiden ground.


Still, many new starts to you, reader.