Monday, October 06, 2008

Quite Prolix, or, rather, not very

Prolix: 2: marked by or using an excess of words
~Merriam-Webster Online

which, I am, although I may not be able to demonstrate it in this post.

Sigh. School has been a mix of good and bad. I did transfer to a different school (did I mention that?) and everyone's been nice. However, I lost my purse on September 18. Inside the purse? A $99.99 graphing calculator, which has since been replaced, a cross-stitch project, my library cards for three counties, and...

The purple wave socks.

It still has not been found or returned, and I seem to have lost my knitting vigor, or at least my sock vigor with the loss of this pair.

I did attend the Wool Gathering back on September 20, and there I sat and wove... and wove... and wove... for the very first time on a 2/2 twill table runner at the SCA booth, where they were indeed kind enough to let me use the loom.

My purchases?
  • A Wool Gathering tee
  • Noro Kureyon Sock in... probably 092, if Yarndex is correct
  • Noro Silk Garden Sock in... uh, S245?
  • Opal Rainforest series in the caterpillar colorway
  • Kaffe Fassette Regia Landscape in the colorway fire, I believe
  • CPY Maizy (I wanted to try Panda Wool, Panda Silk, and Panda Soy, as well as the manufacturer's dyes for Panda Cotton, but I didn't end up doing so)
  • CPY Kid Merino, berry, to make Ice Queen
  • Knitting Notions Supersock in Pacific. I'm thinking I'm going to do LOTR themed socks with this.
  • Yarn Place Gentle, in greys
  • a rug hook
  • a cotton spindle (because I bought some Foxfibre cotton last year and couldn't do much with it with my Schacht hi-lo)
  • And, my last item, a swift, which seems to be oak, stained(?) in a reddish color.

I have also completed two more mesh bags to use for groceries. However, be forewarned, a project which I cannot seem to find again, is very small, and will not hold very much. The Saturday Market Bag, in Sugar'n'Cream is a success, though, and the Everlasting Bagstopper continues to be quite handy.

There are approxiamately 10 times as many items in my Ravelry queue as are in my projects...