Thursday, June 26, 2008

We Greatly Apologize for a Lack Of Posting...

This happens to be the eighty-first post on Arachnera's Web, and I believe I am approaching, if not past, my second blogiversary. Eighty-one happens to be the square of nine, which is the square of three. What my point is in pointing that out to you, I don't quite fathom, but I like the fact that 34 is 81, the number of this post.

I know I have been neglecting you--after school got out, I haven't had consistent internet access, but that's really an excuse, because what I've really been doing is reading fanfiction, some of it really bad, hanging out on forums, and drooling over some on-sale Kureyon. I've drafted perhaps five blog entries in a notebook while I was not at an internet connected computer, but these never got typed up.

In the time between the last post and this one, I have:
  • Finished the Austrian Socks
  • Knit the Everlasting Bagstopper
  • Finished my Swallowtail Shawl (had I started it in last post?)
  • Started Laminaria, which I am calling Aearlinnod (Sea-song in Elvish)
  • Nearly finished the Entrelac Socks (Knitting on the cuff right now)
Unfortunately, I don't have much time left on the computer, so I will have to truncate this entry for now.