Thursday, July 26, 2007

Poor Neglected Blog

I have been neglecting both my blog and my knitting/other crafting (and my email-800+ unread messages is plain crazy!) recently. Plus, due to the fact that I am using an unfamiliar computer, I don't know where the USB port is to give you any pictures. But here is what I've been doing:

I am waiting on an order from KnitPicks, which contains Favorite Socks. I am now a subscriber to Interweave Knits magazine, too, so I have the spring and summer issues of that to look through. The orange socks you saw a few posts ago-well, actually, it was just a single sock, then, have progressed; they're toe-up projects and one is complete (other than those yet to be woven in tails) and the other is a little ways up the foot. Other projects include the Harebell lace socks, which are somewhat of a UFO due to the error in the pattern (By the way, I found another, though minor, error in Sensational Knitted Socks, pertaining to the Spearhead mosaic pattern), the Snowdrop Shawl that seems to be in the doldrums because the lace edging chart was giving me a headache, and the spiral ribbed socks an indeterminately discontinued due to the loss of all the needles (Cautionary tale: do NOT leave your sock projects in a purse unprotected)... There are also the basketweave ribbing socks in KnitPicks Parade yarn. I haven't cast on for the second one yet; suppose I've got a mild case of SSS.

Neglected Irene from Doilies With a Twist was finally finished, and Tala started in maize crochet cotton. I still have not finished the button-top socks I was making.

I have made ventures into minature punch needle and a locker hooked rug in the past few months. Pictures may come once I find the USB port.

Have you been over to Knitty and seen their everlasting bagstopper? I think it (and a crochet counterpart over at Crochet Me-the Reduction tote) have started me on a mesh bag craze, though I haven't had a whole lot of sucess with them in the past. There's those two, then if you're part of Interweave Knits' Knitting Daily community, there's a couple free patterns in their library as "Market Bag" and "Hemp Market Bag" and Classic Elite Yarns had a mesh bag in their most recent newsletter.

Other than that, I haven't much to say, so I'll stop for the moment.

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