Tuesday, February 05, 2008


I guess I haven't been posting much of late. I have been busy with Ravelry, on the whole not knitting a whole lot. Also, I detest (no insult to psychologists) psychology and fractions that include polynomials, both of which I unfortunatly have to study. Would much rather work with derivatives?...

Besides that, the camera is embleer full of pictures, and the batteries may be low. I also have tons of socks on the needles, designs in my head, my own derivition of Tolkien's Elvish*, and a Ravelry queue chock-ful of stuff!

* Ah, ahem, yes. I have been reading too much LOTR. And I did finally get to watch the Fellowship of the Ring movie, and perhaps got about eight rounds of knitting done on a cabled 72 stitch sock (more on that later) during 2hrs.58min.59sec. (I think).

Random thought:
Why do I have a post tagged spinnning?

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