Monday, December 15, 2008

My! I have failed to post with any sort of frequency.


I've been quite busy over the past month or more with the costumes for our school play, Babes in Toyland, which went over fairly well.

Now, I've got a dozen projects on the needles...

C'est la vie.

I am also reading Les Misérables. I love this book, although I started it on Election Day, and I've still only gotten to just past the incident where Enjolras imposed justice on that murderer, shortly after the barricade was erected. (But still, 950+/1232 or so is still good--wouldn't you say?)

I can't post any pictures because of the fact that I lost my camera cable (I'm not sure if I mentioned that in an earlier post) I haven't bothered to take any pictures for that matter.

I've started several bags and several pairs of socks (about 10 pairs on the needles) and I've finished the Oriel Lace ones since I last posted.

Should I not post before Christmas, I would like to wish all my readers (if you're out there) an unabashedly Merry Christmas!

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