Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Nearly Perfect Moments

I am writing this at the library, at which I am on pretext of doing research for several school projects (I was assigned quite a few at once). This library is a very lovely one, and has a reading garden, where I was doing my algebra homework.

*Be forewarned that this post contains little knitting content*

My favorite month is March, though I was born in the other M month, May. March is named for the Latin god of war, Mars, apparently because it was the time to resume war after winter. But today felt like March. I couldn't take a picture, but it wouldn't be adequate anyway. Neither words nor pictures can exactly describe it. There is a very certain charm that I love to a day when the wind is blowing, it's cool, and the sun is out. It's my favorite sort of day. And sitting and snacking on pistachios and trail mix and doing my algebra was pleasant in the atmosphere. Nearly perfect. But all lovely things come to an end, and I came in halfway through my history because it had gotten colder and clouds were blowing in. (Also, I wanted a pretext to write this blog entry).

The funny thing is, I didn't want to go to school or leave the house this morning. I've had some problems going to school very much since the beginning of the year, because I've been sick, or exhausted, or there's been snow. I was very tired this morning, but when I came into school, I determined that if Eponine could make it through her conditions, I could make it through the day. And if I hadn't, I would have missed this. If you are worn out and hesitant to go out today, whatever day you're reading this, I hope you'll be encouraged and have a good time anyway.

As for knitting... I probably have way too many projects started, though nowhere near 52 projects :). I knitted on Eucrite/Jade today during biology class, since we were just reading, and my extremely nice* biology teacher didn't seem to mind. It is a mindless rib. I got about halfway through the heel turn on my DKed socks while I was at Knit-Wit's yarn shop last Saturday, and I've enjoyed my time there the past two Saturdays immensely. The only problem is, I see more and more stuff I want every time I go in there. Mini Mochi! Some sort of cotton boucle that I could use for one of those scarfs from Knitting New Scarves! Araucania Itata! Jojoland Melody! Lang JaWoll! with like colored reinforcement thread! Size 0000 4" dpns! ChiaGoo bamboo straights feel really nice. Elsebeth Lavold Silky Wool!... Oh. I'd better stop, as I don't want to make you dwell on yarn you don't have the rest of the day, like I might. In any case, I won't be there next Saturday because I have to be at a play practice for a school production of Annie.

I would love to put on Les Misérables (there's a school version), but it wouldn't work out. We don't have enough boys that would take on all the serious parts. I'd want Eponine, because I don't feel that I fit Fantine or Cosette.

*He's very, very kind. Really. Like he bought 20+ people lunch and a late breakfast on a field trip with only a $3.00 contribution from each. I thanked him, and I hope everyone else did.

PS. I've one of the Coriolis socks done, as, once I got to the beginning of the band, I just kept working on it, but I wasn't blogging. I may do more Coriolis diaries though.
PPS: I'm a bit annoyed at Blogger because this originally posted on the wrong blog, partially due to user error, but partially because Blogger wouldn't unhide one of my blogs at one point. (!)

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