Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Spring's Springing and Startitis Struck!

Since my last post, I finished one project (Rilhilmina; sorry, no pictures). And started... hmm, 1 2 3 4 5 6 projects.

The new projects?
  1. "Bulletin Board Border" (ooh... Boarder is an interesting variation there), based off the machine made socks that I still wear a lot... The name comes from the basis for the color combination, which is my first (and last so far) variagated Kool-Aid dyed yarn.
  2. The Mardi Gras Vest--my first Doris Chan design, my first crochet garment... and it might not fit!
  3. Zurich--the Renaissance socks in WotA Jalapeno (yes, I know, there should be that little tilde(~) like thing over the n, but I don't know how to put it there and am too lazy to bring up Character Map)
  4. Riotous Colors--I'm using Regia in a Kaffe Fasette colorway, and my mom made herself a pair last year in Opal Sockenzircus. This seems to be the German Sock Yarn pattern. My Opal (in the caterpillar colorway) is destined for Lucy Neatby's holey socks in Knitter's Summer '08
  5. Honshu--in one of those first Felici colorways. Remember Hummingbird? Coastal? Firefighter? Atmosphere? Arugula? This is in Coastal, but I intend for it to be a surprise pattern.
  6. (restarted) Baby Cable Rib socks in KP Dancing in Hula. I'm trying out my 1.5s--the 2's are too loose (although I didn't find them so a few years ago when I knitted my third pair of socks in Dancing) and I don't want to use 1's with Dancing. No particular reason. There was some debate over how many stitches to cast on; I went with 64.

As if I needed any more projects.

"What fools these mortals be!"

Random thought: I've started a Les Mis/Victor Hugo/Hunchback group on Ravelry, feel welcome to join us at the Café Musain!


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