Monday, February 12, 2007

Banana, don't mention the silk, please

I know, the title probably seems crazy, but it relates to 1) my goofy drawings with a little boy involving bananas and strange arms and extremely large eyes and 2) a story problem involving silk, which is haunting me for lack of solving, partially because I misread part of it. I was originally going to title this post "Why do I torment myself?"

Why do I torment myself?
Actually, I don't. I finished a sock in three days. On size twos. This ain't no wimpy worsted weight sock, this is fingering weight. Admittedly, it is perhaps slightly thicker than the average sock yarn, but not very much. The torment was trying to do K3tog with tight stitches in cotton yarn. Ouch. Anyhow, I must email Martingale about the error in Sensational Knitted Socks. Every other size (total stitches divisible by four) has an error in the number of stitches to leave unwrapped for the short row toe/heel.
I used the Russian bind off described on Wendy's blog to finish the socks. I was listening to the Westing Game on CD. A good book, by the way. And, I don't believe I'm suffering from much SSS.
ETA: You will notice that I added a few more blogs that I have been reading to the list on the sidebar.

Knit on,

PS: I have something to say about a few statements I made previously:
I can't say I'm a total Google girl, because I use Yahoo email. I would use Gmail, but am unable to at the moment.
The times the blog displays for posts are earlier than my time, so it wasn't that early when I posted the other day.

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