Thursday, February 08, 2007

Finished pair and problem


If any one can give me help with the short row toe from Sensational Knitted Socks, please leave a comment stating this! I am having a problem with my short row toe for the sixty stitch size five stitch pattern sock.

Other than that, I actually have a finished pair of socks!
The Christmas socks are finished!
No pictures, yet again, but here's the specifics.

Needles: Size 2, set of 4 dpns
Yarn: KnitPicks Palette, under two balls in Nutmeg
Pattern: Purled Ladder on 64 sts from Sensational Knitted Socks
Any modifications?
I knitted the rib at the top for a longer length than recommended and did six and one-half pattern repeats on the foot.
Any thing I would have changed?
Possibly knit them on smaller needles. I thought they would have lots more stitches than they did and that it would be more knitting than I wanted for a recipient who I wasn't sure would like them.

One of the pair of Homograph is finished. I probably will make at least three more socks of the design, to create another pair also.

I also made myself a Fetching. I modified the pattern for 30 sts, winging all the details. It was made of Lion Suede in Moonshadow Print on size 7 needles.

I started a five stitch pattern sock from Sensational Knitted Socks in Patons Grace Lavender on size 2s in the 60 stitch size with the short-row heel. It is this I am having problems with. I can't get the numbers and the specifics of the pattern to work out. Charlene Schurch says I should have 13 sts left unwrapped and end with a purl row. I can do either one or the other.

Knit on,

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luneray said...

Hi...did you find an answer to your question? I assume it's the short row heel you are having some trouble with?

Some editions of the book contain errors--including the short row heel instructions on the five stitch patterns.

Here's a link to the site; scroll down for correction you need. If the link doesn't work, just search for the book title and "correction".

Heh, I found your site because I am having trouble with the oriel pattern in that same book. Weird and wonderful paths Google leads us down, no? :)