Monday, September 15, 2008

"Knit on with confidence and hope, through all crises."

So said the late, great Elizabeth Zimmermann. And so I did yesterday, so long as I could see.

It is quite unbelievable...

The remnants of Hurricane Ike, somewhere between a tropical storm and a Category 1 hurricane level swept through Cincinnati, Ohio, and the surrounding areas yesterday afternoon. While I was happily knitting away on Aearlinnod, learning about tapestry, knotted pile, Scottish, Alaskan, and historical weaving and experiencing Convergence vicariously through Syne Mitchell, raging winds were ripping shingles off roofs and limbs off large trees. When I went out for a bit, the sustained wind seemed to be about a 6-7 on the Beaufort Scale; we must have had 10-11 force gusts. No, I'm not hurt, nor my immediate family (a bit discomforted from lacking electricity, as my hometown does as far as I know). There were indeed a few fatalities in the tri-state area.

I think I'm running a bit short of yarn for Aearlinnod. I have four long rows and the bind-off to do and my ball of yarn is about the size of a large clementine orange.

Anyway, if you were affected by Ike in any way, my prayers go out to you.

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