Friday, September 05, 2008

Gratias ago goodness Friday est

(probably miserable internet Latin: "Thank goodness it's Friday")

I looked at the sidebar of my blog and I realized that I only have, what, 11 posts this year if you count this one? I had 45 in 2007, when I had the blog all year, and 23 in 2006 when I only had it half the year. I need to get posting, and maybe type up some of the posts I wrote out at the beginning of summer.

I still cannot give you any pictures, but there hasn't been a whole lot of knitting going on. I've gotten in maybe five rounds on the "Estonian" Socks this week at school, and I knitted on Aearlinnod last weekend.

The rest of this post has nothing whatsoever to do with knitting; caveat lector.

School has been rather exhausting. The first day I had trouble finding my way around. I couldn't exactly follow my class to every class because I'm taking a couple classes they aren't. (I used several senses of the word "class" in that sentence; shall I toss in a few more?") I've made a few friends and people seem to be friendly. Yesterday we finally got to choose lockers, but they're in a rather remote corridor on the third floor, while homeroom is adjacent to the stairs on the second floor. The restrooms are on the first floor and down the hall...
But... there's construction, so maybe it'll get better.

It must be a Murphy's law thing, for I lost my pencil pouch on the first day and it was returned to me in biology class the day after I replaced my stuff.

Are there too many italics in this post?

Anyway, this is my schedule:
7:50-8:00-- Homeroom
1st Period-- Algebra
2nd Period-- Biology
3rd Period-- Health/Phys. Ed.
4th Period-- English
11:25-12:00?-- Lunch
5th Period-- World Civilization
6th Period-- Bible Class (I go to a Christian school & we pray to start roughly half our classes!)
7th Period-- Drama

I'm not used to seven periods, and we start 10 minutes earlier than I'm used to, but we do get out earlier.


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