Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Yes, I'm still around, and in a reflective mood

Well, a lot of things have been happening. The last part of last year was a difficult time for my family, and then the beginning of this year hasn't been great, either, as I got behind in my school work. But it is now exam week of my junior year of high school, so I only have one more year...!

Furthermore, I've published a few patterns on Ravelry and am thinking of submitting a few in other places, but we'll have to see...

I got a huge Knit Picks order a few weeks ago, with lots of Felici, and several kits, and I'm knitting my first Cookie A sock--the SKA May Mystery Sock.

It's kind of interesting that I haven't been blogging much; I remember when I first started, I just really really wanted to get my voice out there and say what I wanted to say about my knitting and crocheting... and now it's just not a big priority in my life...

This doesn't mean that I am totally stopping blogging, just that right now I don't see myself posting a lot more in the near future. But who knows what whim will take me?

I still have lots and lots and lots and lots of socks on the needles; since my last blog entry, for an English project after reading the Scarlet Letter, I came up with a couple sock designs, a mitt, and a headband. I started knitting Dimmesdale, and got part way down the cuff (haven't knitted on it since, though...), and I knitted the first Chillingworth mitt, but I may need to adjust the motif.

I also got most of the way through another Koolhaas in the same amazingly soft discontinued JoAnns and then couldn't find my dpns in the correct size, so I haven't finished it.

I also decided I would try to do the Knitter's Almanac year, similar to what Kelley Petkun did a couple years ago, but the April project didn't work out very well, and I haven't got any mittens on the needles (the May project), though I have yarn.

Why didn't April's Mystery Blanket work out well? Um, I think because I don't like knitting expanding squares (it works kind of like granny squares) on dpns, and possibly because my needles (ordinary aluminum dpns) were somewhat slippery. Maybe it'd work out better if I got wooden or bamboo needles, which I've used a time or two for shop samples.

Speaking of knitalongs and such, I've started a Elizabeth Freeman KAL on Ravelry. We'll make all three shawls : Laminaria, Aeolian, and Torreyana, and the schedule isn't set such that you're too limited with time. We start in June, so I need to wind my Shadow in Juniper. (not that posting here will serve as publicity)

I will likely have a busy summer, as this is my year to go on college trips to find out where I will end up going in 14 months or so. That's frankly just so shocking that... college is about 14 months, right round the corner. I still remember in elementary school thinking that the high school kids were so old and I'd never be there... and here I am. It doesn't help that I skipped a grade and haven't got my driving permit yet either. (although I've only been eligible for 6 months) Not that I feel out of place with my classmates, I'm just younger...

In any case, here's hoping you have a gorgeous summer full of knitting and crocheting!

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