Friday, October 08, 2010

Well, Hello There!

Oh, yes, I'm still around.
Did you think I'd forgotten that I had a blog?
Er... well, not exactly.

In any case, I'm posting largely to celebrate the fact that I have reached the 2/3 mark on my half-hex Laminaria.

I got the yarn about thirteen months ago, (as part of a shipment that pretty much established a laceweight stash. My stash otherwise is largely sock yarn...) and planned all along that Juniper Heather Shadow, three skeins, would become a half-hex version of Laminaria, which is one of my favorite shawl patterns. In fact, it is probably going to be perpetually in my queue, I'm just that fond of the blossom and star stitch combo. I've made it thrice, so far, although the third rendition is being bound off, and another exploded Lam is in progress.

And of course, as I reported last post... some three months past!--I started a KAL on Ravelry... well, everyone was supposed to start Aeolian in September. 'Tis October, and I am still finishing Laminaria. In justice, the potentially inadvisable half-hexing scheme ensured that I have approximately 1,000 stitches at this ultimate point!

The last bits of the edging have been a bit of a wrestle with Murphy's Law--do I have enough yarn? Do I have enough yarn? Sure I do--Are you sure you have enough yarn? You are double-stranding for the bindoff! Do I have enough yarn... I think so...

I have mused in previous posts about things I would like to make... I clearly dream big.

Well, right now, once I finish Laminaria, I suppose I'm going to cast on for Honeycomb, and once I finish my mini exploded Lam, I'll be switching out with the #6 tips and casting on for a Citron in Patons Lace...

I also have an exploded Aeolian on the needles, one that I don't mind the beading so terribly on.

Not to mention innumerable socks, and three lace projects that are... let me say... hibernating, and one that has been decidedly abandoned.

Oh, and I haven't mentioned that I discovered both the Laris Designs group and the IntSweMoDo group (The International Sweater-a-Month Dodecathlon), and thus I have been stalking beautiful gloves and sweaters... I think you know where this is going...

I am downright plagued by the fecundity of my inspiration!

As an aside, I would like to mention that the medium I've been writing a lot for lately has formatting such that there's line spacing between paragraphs vs. indentation, and it looks like that's almost automatic now for me... weird!

In any case, I actually held yarn in my hands earlier, considering a purchase for the Poet Pullover...

I do wish I could catch the apocryphal Finish-itis rather than being constantly plagued with its pestilent cousin Start-itis! I desperately need to.

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