Tuesday, November 23, 2010

A One Project Phase

Well, Laminaria is finished.

So is a pair of Fargyles.

So is a Citron.

The latter two were quick projects, completed on two consecutive weekends, about four or five days of knitting a piece, the first two November weekends.

But the project monogamy doesn't last with me. No, not at all.

I started, inspired by IntSweMoDoDe, a Honeycomb vest, and have finished most of the back, but...

A top I am knitting "by the seat of my pants" (as Meg Swansen says in A Gathering of Lace of her daughter's wedding shawl) to wear to a Christmas party has intruded.

Also, I've pulled out some old sock projects that have never been finished, inspired by the chance sighting of the bag containing the other ball of Kaffe Fasette Regia.

Let's hope I can get my act together and not have so many unfinished projects on the needles by the time I head off to college next fall!

Oh, yes, and Happy Thanksgiving for those of you in the US!

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