Monday, December 11, 2006

Lots and Lots and Lots!

I think I have a lot of things to tell you, but very few of them have to do with knitting....

Last Thursday was a monumental day in history. In addition to being Pearl Harbor day, it was the day Ohio went smoke free. Now I live in Ohio, so I am naturally glad about this. We went out to O'Charley's, which was a smoking restaurant. We didn't get asked whether we wanted to sit in "smoking or non," naturally. I'm glad that as long as this law is in effect, the people of Ohio will not have to breathe others' tobacco smoke. I am very anti-tobacco! Smoking is not a free choice! Sure, it's smokers' business whether they kill themselves or not, but they should not be allowed to kill others with their smoke. If I were allowed somehow to make one law for the world, I would make tobacco illegal! However, I have heard that there is some problem about enforcing the law.

Anyway, Knitty's got a new issue! Knitty Winter '06

I'm going to try to put up more of my WTMs. This post is not near as long as I was thinking it would be. I got hardly any knitting done this weekend. I have exactly two weeks to finish the Christmas presents I'm making...

By the way, go here and vote for your city's team or your favorite team-I'll tell you more later.

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