Friday, December 08, 2006

*Tap, Tap, tap.....*

The tapping in the title is my fingers (not really) as I wait for a librarian to get online. See, I was going to give you a long entry today, but I've been busy with assembling an artificial Christmas tree and I'm now trying to get on an Ask a Librarian service to see if they can help me with information for the two reports I'm going to have to do this weekend. Not much knitting has been going on. I've mostly gotten over my cold and have gotten back to school. I have been knitting behind my head and behind my back during lunch period, which interests people. I even did a cable behind my head yersterday. Unfortunately, I wait here for a librarian to get online so that she/he can give me information about the company Google. You should see my cover page for my report-I did a really neat drawing of the Google homepage. I was also going to put up a long list of WTMs, but all you get is a nice bit of writing and a single hyperlink to a rather unexciting place.

I did attend a knitting group on Monday, and unfortunately, I did not know about the gift exchange or the food everyone else seemed to have brought. The other day, I joined the Monthly Dishcloth KAL as featured on Mason Dixon Knitting, but I haven't done any dishcloth knitting because 1) I don't have solid Sugar n' Cream on hand at the moment. 2) My size 7s are in Wheelie (I am too lazy to put up any of the links except for Google and Mason Dixon Knitting.) and 3) I was not near a computer connected to the internet to get my email for the pattern when this month's KAL started.

Sorry, but Goodbye and here's hoping I get to chat with a librarian soon!

Happy Knittin'!

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