Monday, March 05, 2007

Moccasin Socks!

Okay, Arachnera finally read in detail the November chapter of Knitter's Almanac. So she thinks "I want to make those!" She go to Micheal's to pick up crochet thread for Irene, the next "Doily with a twist" in my seven in '07 saga. She looks at the woolly yarns she never buys there. She goes to JoAnns over the weekend to pick up buttons for the "Button Top Socks" she has started. And she leaves the store with....
1 skein Patons Classic Wool in taupe
1 skein Patons Classic Wool in paprika
1 90 cent card of white 1/2" buttons.

And then...

Oops! My needles are all in projects! What shall I do?
I will just have to wait until I finish a few things, I guess.
What things am I working on?

Pair of gloves, a UFO that was supposed to be a Christmas present not last Christmas, but the Christmas before that.

Button top socks from Donna Kooler's (Did I spell that right?) Encyclopedia of Crochet (These are a recent development.)

Snowdrop shawl, which is rather neglected.

Pansy socks, which are in an indeterminate state because of the errror in the pattern which I notified Martingale about and they have posted!

Socks in gumball color Parade which are just moving slowly.

I'm also mad at Blogger because I now have Gmail, but I don't know how to merge this @yahoo account with the @gmail account and I can't move any of the blogs.

I'm also swamped with schoolwork and really should not be posting... Oh well...

And, for your info, I have started a Seven in '07 CAL (Craft Along). Leave a comment if you're interested in it. The URL is .

Plus, my neglected Yahoo email has 165 unread messages that I probably want to read.

Plus, my knitting group meets tonight.

Darn it.

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