Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Now I go a Raveling, a Raveling

There has been very little progress as of late on anything, but I am now on Ravelry! (I'm Arachnera, of course!)

Here are a few of the things in the design works here at Arachnera's Web:

Unknowns(i.e. I have the ideas and may have started some calculations, but they're on the back burner):
  1. A fair isle style sweater (Theme: a country autumn)
  2. A yoke sweater that I persist in calling the "Chestnuts" sweater after the Christmas song
  3. A unique cabled pullover w/ empire waist
  4. A fiber arts shawl
  5. A shawl themed after the children's classic The Secret Garden

Of those, 1, 2, & 3 are the top priorities, and 5 has been put on the back burner temporarily due to the loss of the acquainted sketch. Still, they are big projects and I do not have a reputation for finishing large projects quickly.

Socks(which should come along sooner:

  1. "Antonym" (hibernating)
  2. A variation on SKS cables (in progress)
  3. Crest o' the Wave variation on SKS chevron aka Volare (finished/notes yet to be written/scrapped full pattern due to copyright, etc.)
  4. G. socks w. cable based on the classic string figure "Jacob's Ladder"
  5. S. socks w. intwining cables
  6. H. socks w. basic texture patterns.
  7. R. socks w. lace patterns
  8. "Pomegranate" socks
  9. socks which violate a cardinal rule of Knitty (tee-hee!)
  10. socks with corn (the existance of which is questionable)
  11. present socks (for Christmas)
  12. knee socks (to be further abreviated ks) in traditional patterns: Aran
  13. ks Fair Isle
  14. ks Norweigian
  15. ks lace
  16. ks Gansey
  17. twisted stitch socks (Die Blau Donau)
  18. twisted stitch socks (In der Halle des Berkonig)

I've left quite a few question marks, I'm sure. Guess what 4, 5, 6, & 7 were designed as a set inspired by?

ETA: the lists above are supposed to be numbered lists! Hello, Blogger?

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