Monday, January 22, 2007

Barbie Failure

About, the title, let it suffice to say that if you drop stitches while working fun fur type yarn on size 3 needles for Nicky Epstein's fur coat in Knits for Barbie (Or is that the title? I'm not sure), a fairly sane knitter will not be all fine and dandy. The story is this: I was working on several Barbie garments for a young girl I know and this coat was about half complete. Stitches fall off needle. Knitter is frustrated, mad, nearly curses this project mentally and tries to get it out of her sight. Coat is doomed to a painful (because of fun-fur type yarn, not knitterly attraction to project) frogging.

Why are you getting an early morning entry? Well, regardless of what time Blogger says I posted this, it's early morning for me. And I get an hour delay at school because of the 4 or so inches of snow we got yesterday. Perhaps you'll get more of an entry later...

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