Friday, January 05, 2007


I don't know what in the world to title this post.
I just discovered the Yarnivore blog. (ETA: And do you know, I just might tag her.) I did a blog search originating at the blogger bar at Lace Rox! (which I don't think I've linked to, yet.) for nalbinding. I was one of the listings! Speaking of the blog, I have to link to the picture I can't get up, so here it is.

Here is a poem I wrote that is pure fantasy because 1: It is not snowing here. It isn't even really cold. 2: I don't have a spinning wheel. I wish both things were different, though.

Winter Morning

Shimmering, glistening
Bare brown branches covered with ice
Under the pale winter sun
Wind cuts the stillness
Snowflakes fly on the gusts
Light glints off drifts of snow
Swept by the wind as dust by a broom
A bird sings its solitary song
Perched within the pine needles
Its feathers fluffed
The only creature to brave the cold

The fire crackles, the wheel hums,
Whirrs to my steady treadling
Pale gray-threaded wool flies
Through my fingers
My feet dance like the blowing flakes
I watch the wool twist,
The wool sheared in the green spring
Scoured and dried by hot summer sun
Carded while autumn's leaves fell
And now spun by the fire
On a winter morning.

And I think, if I have any time, I am going to go to a nearby coffee shop, drink some tea or hot chocolate and knit on the Ash Braid socks, which are nearing the toes. (Maybe 3 rounds before I start decreases and I may be overestimating.) I plan to have them finished to wear on Monday, which is the day the library knitting group I attend meets.

(ETA: If one or more of my weird things did not seem weird, here's something that you probably will think is weird:

I grew up drinking distilled water and skim milk. I never really liked the distilled water, so now I drink spring water, but only certain brands. I won't drink tap or other types of water or other types of milk! )


SandraD. said...

Thank you for the mention on your blog! I received your invitation to the meme, though I will decline it at this time. Is there another way you can 'tag' me? It is always good to know there are other nalbinders out there! Sandra.

Arachnera said...

Er, I don't really know. It's fine though, don't worry about it. I'm just a beginning nalbinder and I had never heard of it until the Spring '06 issue of Knitty came out with an article on the history of knitting which included a word or two on nalbinding. I searched through the links and found a tutorial on it and did a little bit. I haven't made anything very large yet, but I hope to make a pair of socks. Have you ever tried to find nalbinding books at a public library? I cannot find any.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog, blogger didn't give me an email so I'm responding here. I think the amount of time it take a beginner to get anything consistent is totally individual. I've been told I picked up spinning very quickly. I learned on the spindle and my second attempt was pretty consistent and since I knew how to draft from the spindle, the wheel was a breeze and I got wonderful results me first try. I love all the Kromski wheels too! :)