Monday, January 08, 2007

Two Socks! At last!

No pics, but I have finished the Ash Braid and Garter Bead socks!
Needles: U.S. size 0, set of 4 dpns
Yarn: KnitPicks Essential Ash
Notes: Wearing them today as I type this, a tad itchy, but comfortable all the same. Stockinette heel flap and Round or Half Handkerchief heel (Nancy Bush (of Folk Socks, Knitting on the Road and Knitting Vintage Socks, which I have not peeked at yet since the library (ies) haven't gotten it to me) 's Heel turn classification.) Pattern from Charlene Schurch's Sensational Knitted Socks. Small error in heel flap instructions. The second sock went through a lot; its cuff was frogged, its heel flap had to be frogged and reknitted, needles seemed to be or were lost several times, it was knitted with my hands behind my neck or back.

Other news:

I have a bit of a rant about something that annoyed me today. We are going to be taking a science test on which we are allowed to use however many notes we can fit on a certain number of index cards. Well, I have finished maybe 1/2 of the chapter in notes in very tiny handwriting (4 lines to each index card ruling, and yes, I can read writing that's that small). I taped it to another index card (very lightly, only two little pieces of tape) to prevent it from getting too smudgey and placed it in my science book. It was there at science period today, but somehow it must have gotten dropped and gotten to the other side of the room. Someone pulled them apart (I foolishly didn't have a name on them) to see whose they were, and now there is a rip. I think it will have to be done over.

A young knitter whom I taught finished his first project last Friday (it was a potholder that was supposed to be a Christmas present, but I couldn't help him over Christmas break) with some help from me and was proudly presented to the recipient. He had started a little strip of knitting that could have been a stuffed animal scarf, but it wasn't going fast and he wanted to make a Christmas Present, so, taking EZ's advice (I believe from the September or October chapter of Knitter's Almanac, anyway, it's the one with the pants-like garment. [I forget what she calls them]) I suggested he make a potholder. And so, with some help and some rows from me, it was completed. Yay! My first teaching success. (I tried to teach some of my classmates to knit once, but I'm not sure that they ever completed a project. )

I have started the other Storm sock, although I decided to make it ever so slightly different, making a very subtle change that no one will probably guess. (Guess if you wish)

Official six-month blog anniversery happens on January 13, 2007. I am having a little pre-anniversery party today at the blog. Really, it appears that the true blog aniversery must have been back on December 28, 2006. Why the discrepancy? Well, if you go back to the archive for July of 2006, you will see my only entry for that month here and it includes several entries that appear to have been posted previously somewhere. You see, I originally blogged with Ask's Bloglines, but the WKS that plagued my keyboard annoyed me. (What is WKS? Part of the letters would not appear except as capitals and I think "a" would not appear as a capital at all. It stands for Weird Keyboard Syndrome.) So I switched to the "old" Blogger in July and reposted all my old posts though I had to retype them because not only did Bloglines give me WKS, but the embleer blogging system would not let me copy the text of my posts. I think I am a Google girl all the way, as I highly recommend both the search engine and their Blogger and the Google-affiliated Mozilla Firefox. Anyway!

I did not tell you before, but I often read the blog of Grumperina . I do sew, and that is why in the world the coat is in the UFO list. I have a sewing background however, and a fine little Janome HF107. (I originally typed little fine, but that sounds bizarre...) I learned on a fancier Singer. I'm afraid I can't finish all I wanted to tell you, but this is a fairly long entry already.

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